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        The easiest way to avoid installation failure is to hire a pro.  It seems mediocrity has taken over our industry and many others.  That is why we hold ourselves to a higher expectation than other flooring companies.  We provide our customers with a Flooring Specialist to guide them through the buying process.  Floor covering is very technical.  Mistakes are very costly.  Would you hire a landscaper to fix your car?  Then, don’t hire a carpenter, handy-man, or someone that doesn’t specialize in floor covering to take on your flooring project.  Hire a Flooring Specialist at Luxury Layouts because floor covering is second nature.

        So, what does it take to be a Luxury Layouts Flooring Specialist?  It takes someone with decades of flooring experience. It is a person that has made a career in the floorcovering business.  It requires a person that has been successful, mechanically, installing all the select types of flooring available for professional use.  And or, someone with a successful history of engineering projects to industry standard without problems to the installer or customer.  It is a person with the understanding of all the different sundries, setting materials, underlayments, and products we provide with our installations.  It is a person that can properly engineer your project on-site, accurately know what and how to measure for efficiency, sketch your project for further accuracy and future instruction, have years of knowledge and understanding of what flooring type will suite your home and fit your needs best, and after a thorough inspection of your project on- site give you a price for our service.  Your Flooring Specialist will work with our operation’s team and match the best pro installer available for your project. Our elite and professional installation crews that exclusively work for us, will be given every instruction needed by your Specialist to insure success.  A Flooring Specialist is hard to come by and are a rare find.  Here at Luxury Layouts our customers will meet Flooring Specialists.

            At Luxury Layouts, we structure our process just like an elite sports team by starting with our best team members.  Your time is important and so is ours.   We conveniently come to you by offering a Shop at Home Service.  We will guarantee that if you schedule a Shop at Home appointment, prior to the appointment you will receive a phone consultation by a Flooring Specialist  and, a Flooring Specialist will arrive for the appointment.  Our appointment window schedule is Monday through Friday 10am -12 pm, 12 pm -2pm, 2pm -4pm, 4pm -6pm, and Saturday 10am- 12pm & 12pm -2pm.  We want to give you our uninterrupted and undivided attention.  Our appointments are always free.  Make sure you are serious about your project, because appointment time needed for each type of project may vary.  You can expect to sit down for an initial consultation and answer a few questions directed towards the origin and nature of your project.  Our specialist will help to convey budgetary ranges for the different types of flooring options available.  You will be educated on viable material options and product features. Lighting in a high priced showroom will be different than the lighting in your home.  It is best to see flooring samples in the area and environment in which they will be installed.  The specialist needs to collect precise data that can only be obtained by being physically on-site for an inspection.  Shortly after the inspection, the specialist will answer any questions pertaining to the project at hand and give exact pricing.

            Here are some frequently asked questions while purchasing new flooring.  How long is your installation warranty good for?  How long is the wait time for an installation date?  When will my project be installed?  How long will it take to install my new floor?  Do I have to move my furniture and or appliances out of the room?  Will you tear out the old flooring?  How will the old carpet be disposed of?  Do I have to be home during installation?  What type of payment do you take?  Are your installers sub-contractors?  How long have they been installing floors?  How long have you been in business?

            Luxury Layouts Flooring is a company that has over 75 years of combined experience just in our office.  It was founded in 2015.  Our mechanics in the field have a minimum of 10 - 35 years’ experience per crew.  Our installation team exclusively works for us and we are so confident in their abilities that we offer a lifetime labor guarantee on workmanship.  Our operations team and our ordering and accounting division work together with your Flooring Specialist.  Our ordering division promptly orders and tracks your material shipments.  Our operations team verifies the quantities, accuracy, and integrity of your materials before installation and stages all your needed materials for quick loading and easy access to your pro installer. Within 24 -96 hours of placing an order our operations team will contact you to schedule an installation date, how long to expect the installation to take, and to discuss payment.   Do you have questions regarding the different services we offer? Then, please look at our services offered link.

            Luxury Layouts Flooring is Northwest Indiana’s # 1 Flooring Store.  We function as a well-oiled machine.  You will save time and money by initially meeting with our Flooring Specialist.  Next, from our smooth running and communicative operations team to our diligent ordering division your products will arrive on time and in good standing to the job site.  Combine all this with handpicked Professional Installers that perform at the highest standard day in and day out.  Then, rest assured that your project will go smoothly.  Don’t take any risks and stop wasting your own time.  Go with a sure thing!  Schedule your shop at home appointment with Luxury Layouts Flooring today!

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