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DIY - Flooring Supplies

We carry specialty flooring supplies and tools as well.  From mortar and grout to knee kickers and adhesives. Specialty tools are special order.  So, Allow time for shipping!   Give us a call and we'll help you get all the necessary tools and setting materials you'll need to tackle the project yourself. If you are a contractor, give us a call and enroll in our CONTRACTOR PROGRAM.


 Adhesives • Tile • Setting Materials • Carpet Padding 


Anything you need!

Hardwood Flooring

New hardwood floors are beautiful!  There are so many species of wood to choose from.  We carry all the latest styles , sizes, and colors of pre-finished and engineered hardwood flooring.  Call a Luxury Layouts Flooring Specialist out to your home, schedule an appointment.  Besides our Lifetime Labor Warranty, here are some reasons to Hire Luxury Layouts;

  • Keep the manufacturer’s warranty intact – Whether you choose solid or engineered wood flooring, most major manufacturers’ warranties exclude damage or defects caused by improper installation.

  • Proper installation technique – Different types of wood flooring require different installation methods. Luxury Layouts' installers have the expertise to nail down solid wood flooring, staple or glue engineered wood flooring, or click together a floating flooring system.

  • Acclimate the wood flooring planks – Your hardwood flooring will expand and contract as it adjusts to your home’s temperature and humidity. If this happens after the flooring is installed, you’ll be left with large gaps between the planks. 

  • Pay for only the materials you need – Luxury Layouts Flooring Specialists will take accurate measurements and estimate how much underlayment, adhesive, quarter-round, and flooring is required for your space.

  • Experience and expertise – Hardwood flooring installation requires a clean, level subfloor. Even if your new floors will be laid over concrete, vinyl, or an existing wood floor, our professional installer's will know how to prepare the surface.

  • They have the right tools for the job – Installing hardwood floors requires several special tools, like adhesives and saws. Our professional installer's will have his own tools, so you don’t have to buy them.

  • Protect your investment – A professional hardwood flooring installer will minimize damage to your home and the flooring itself, reduce wasted, avoid gaps and improperly aligned planks


Tile and Stone installation is an age old process that has been perfected over 2000 years.  We carry only the best grade tile and stone.  At Luxury Layouts you will find every style and color of tile and stone that fits your needs.  We use the latest technology in mortars and grouts to give you the most up to date tiled floor to last.  Besides our set in stone Lifetime Labor Warranty, here are some reasons to hire Luxury Layouts for your project;

Our Professional Tile Craftsmen/Installers & Flooring Specialists Assure Approved Installation Methods

  • Thorough knowledge and training with approved Tile Council of America installation methods.

  • Our installers approve proper substrates and modify if necessary.

  • We order appropriate amount of material in a timely fashion and delivers to job site.

  • Our Operations Team verify acceptable dyelots, quality and selection of tile prior to installation.

  • We provide installation and product warranties, standing behind faulty installations.

  • provide warranty work and repairs if necessary.

  • We purchase products at the best discount based on regular volume purchases and pass savings onto you in the form of an installed bid.

  • Luxury Layouts buys our products from service oriented suppliers that carry high-quality, stone and tile.

  • Our regular supplier contact assures reliable and effective communication.

  • Assurance that the products used are acceptable for the intended usage.

  • Our Installers utilize the newest techniques, materials, tools and procedures to assure a quality job.

  • Luxury Layouts Flooring Specialists assist the consumer in understanding the limitations and expectations of ceramic tile.


Luxury Layouts is the place to go for carpet.  Our Flooring Specialists are not just well versed in the carpet process, we have lived it.  We grew up installing it and carpet has become second nature.  We carry first grade carpets with warranties, true padding, and finish the job with our professional carpet installers.  We carry all the latest carpet colors and styles.  Call us today and schedule a Shop At Home Appointment nd use northwest Indiana's best source for new carpet!

Some of you are probably considering installing the carpet on your own in the hopes of saving money. But the truth is that you’re not equipped to handle the job on your own. Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons to hire a Luxury Layouts for professional carpet installation.


Carpet installation is time-consuming

Why waste several hours doing all the labor yourself when you can hire our professional installers at Luxury Layouts.  Now, you can go to work and push through with your usual routine.


Experience and expertise


Although carpet flooring is considered as one of the most economical material, carpet installation is not an easy task to deal with. This is especially true if you haven’t done it before. When your hire a Luxury Layouts to install your carpet, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the job is going to be done efficiently and correctly. Less experienced installers may tempt you with lowest prices, but it could lead to a shoddy job. You don’t want to mess with something you’re going to spend a lot of money on.


Preparation and cleanup is often included


By Luxury Layouts, you don’t have to worry about preparation and cleanup. They’ll prepare the subfloor for the new carpet installation and remove and haul off old flooring. When you install your own carpet, you have to pay someone to dispose the old carpet.


Less waste


Before the installation process, Our Flooring Specialists will take measurements and estimate the amount of tack strip, pad and carpet to be used. Not only will your carpet look great, it will also eliminate the need for buying extra materials; thus, helping you save money in the process.

Luxury Layouts offers a wide selection of carpet brands, fibers, textures, styles, and lifeproof carpets. Come visit our store to choose your new carpet flooring or contact us to for a Shop At Home appointment to discuss your flooring needs.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a practical, inexpensive and versatile alternative to real marble, wood or stone floors. Luxury Layouts has all types, colors, and popular styles of vinyl flooring.  However, being affordable doesn’t mean that anyone can install this type of flooring. If you want to get the most out of your vinyl flooring you need Luxury Layouts' Flooring Specialists to do the installation. Here are a few reasons why a Our professional installers are the best option for your vinyl flooring.

A Luxury Layouts' professional installers have the right equipment for getting the best results.

Our installers have the tools handy for types of installation so that you get service that is efficient and error-proof. Our Flooring Specialists also know that kind of environment is best for installation, which means that we may require you to maintain indoor temperatures at a certain range.

A professional has the expertise for dealing with various substrates and surfaces.

Different installation jobs have different surfaces that may require different substrates and treatment. For example, you may need to install over wood, concrete, or old vinyl. Different surfaces will require different preparation techniques, such as an underlayment that may add to the the height of the floor and affect the placement of counters and appliances.

Our Flooring Specialists will prepare the layout before beginning the installation process.
Our professional's knows that preparing the layout is crucial to avoid mistakes. Luxury Layouts' professional installers will plot the size of each room with care to ensure that they know where each tile or plank goes, especially in tricky areas like corners, near the stairs or in between doorways.

Here our Flooring Specialists knows what kind of installation method is best for your floor.
Your project may be looking at full spread, perimeter adhered and floating installation methods. With years of experience we know what technique is best for your floor based on the results that you want.

Most of our professional installers work with a team who handles peripheral tasks.
Peripheral tasks, such as removal of furniture, appliances, baseboards and measurement of countertops to determine if they will be affected in changes in floor height, may be handled by the rest of the crew. These are time consuming tasks that our professional installers can also do, but if you want a quick and efficient job, our installer's may also work with a team who can take care of these tasks. They can also handle post-installation tasks such as retouching of baseboards, woodwork and trim.


Luxury Layouts professionals have insurance.
Any injuries during the installation process can be covered by insurance so that you are protected financially.

You get to focus on more important things when you hire Luxury Layouts.
Homeowners who are often busy should definitely hire a pro to do the installation. Working with a us ensures that your installation gets done right and on time. Focus on more important tasks or relax and take a day off with the family as you let your installer do the work.

If you are a homeowner looking for a real professional to install vinyl flooring Luxury Layouts is home to a number of the most professional vinyl floor installers in the Chicago land area with the equipment and expertise needed to give you the results you need. Avoid costly do-overs and wasted time. Call Luxury Layouts Flooring Specialists today!

Laminate Flooring

We carry Laminate flooring in many different styles. We carry hundreds of designs and styles! Schedule your SHOP-AT-HOME appointment NOW to choose the style that's right for you!  Luxury Layouts carries water resistant laminate flooring, life proof laminate flooring,  and kid & dog proof laminate flooring.  All of thee above applies to why you should hire our Flooring Specialists at Luxury Layouts.  It is as simple as this... would you rather spend your hard earned money one time and have one of our flooring specialists with years of experience install your new floor, or would you rather hire a less capable, less experienced, novice company or contractor ( with no lifetime labor guarantee ) experiment with your flooring project?  Let's do this one time and be done with it.  Luxury Layouts specializes in flooring.  We are laminate specialists.  Would you hire a carpenter or a handy man to fix the transmission in your car?  Give Luxury Layouts the opportunity to install your flooring project the right way.

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