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Luxury Layouts Flooring Offers all of the following services alongside carpet and flooring installation.

Luxury Layouts FLooring Will Provide and Install New White Painted Baseboards and Moldings.

Shoe Molding

Quarter Round

Luxury Layouts FLooring Will Professionally undercut your door jambs and casing so the new floor will fit seamlessly underneath.

Luxury Layouts FLooring Will Pull Your Old Toliet and reset it during flooring installation.  We provide a new wax ring and a new set of bolts.  if your supply lines are old or leak we will change those too.

Luxury Layouts FLooring Will Pull Your Old Pedistal sink and put it back in place after changing out the floor.  We can also remove your old vanity and dispose of it for you.

Luxury Layouts FLooring Will Remove your existing flooring. whether it is carpet, vinyl, linoleum, hardwood Flooring, engineered hardwood Flooring, laminate flooring, or tile... our flooring specialists can handle the task.  we will also haul it away and dispose of it at our facility.  the garbage man and your neighbors will love you.

Luxury Layouts FLooring Will un-install and re-install your existing appliances during new flooring installation.  these items are heavy and sometimes complicated.  our flooring specialists excel at this. 

Luxury Layouts FLooring Will move and reposition your existing furniture at time of new flooring installation.  furniture can be heavy and sometimes impossible to move without many helping hands.  our flooring specialists have you covered.

Luxury Layouts FLooring specializes in preparing your project for new flooring.  most times new floors are installed hours of floor preparation need to take place to make a suitable surface for the new floor of your choice.  we don't experiment.  with years of experience we get right to what needs to be done and efficiently and effectively achieve this for you.

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