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Custom Flooring

Custom Backsplashes
Let our design team assist you in creating a custom backsplash that will make your kitchen pop.  The two most tedious and challenging tile jobs are backsplashes and showers.  Let our proffesional installers impress you and everyone you let in your home with their A+ craftsmanship.  We are the best at what we do because we specilaize in this area of masonery.  
Zero Entry Shower


Need a curbless shower for ease of access? Let our Flooring Specialists help you design and engineer the most personal space in your home.

Fireplace Facade

We offer many fireplace facade solutions to spice up your living room!  As you already know, the fireplace in a unique area.  Why not showcase it as your rooms center piece.  We can help you achieve any look or feel that suites your personality.

Custom Shower Systems

Your shower functions for many purposes.  Most importantly, it could be the first place you see when you wake up or the last place you see before bed.  Why not enjoy it?  Make it comfortable.  Have it brighten your day. Choose any available option necessary that fits your needs.  If a shower system fails, the cost of the repairs and the damage associated could be extremely expensive.  Once again, we specialize in custom shower systems.  Rest assured with Luxury Layouts on your side.

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