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Luxury Layouts Flooring, offers carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate, life proof, and waterproof flooring at excellent prices. Know what you need? Great! If not, let our knowledgeable staff help you. We can assist you in deciding what would best fit your space! Contact our team today if you are interested in our Shop at Home Service. Our Flooring Specialists will engineer your project and help with color, design, and style! Our Staff has over 75 years of combined experience. We offer affordable flooring at unbeatable prices installed by professional flooring specialists with a Lifetime Labor Guarantee.

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*Installation includes basic installation only. Extra labor charges apply for removal of existing material, Furniture and appliance moving, Transitions and trim work etc.The Empire and Luna and every other retailer offer applies only to apples to apples products as determined by industry standards. Must present competitor's quote immediately upon arrival of estimate.  $3.99 Offer applies to projects over 1000 SF.  Offers apply to select materials.  All Parties must be present during appointment window for sample selection.  Sale offer applies only during shop-at-home appointment during appointment window.  $3.39 offer applies to select materials and includes only basic installation and no other extra labor is available.  Transition moldings, trim work, furniture moving etc to be performed by customer.  Floor must be prepared to industry standard prior to installation & must be a suitable substrate to allow for any warranty provided at time of contract.  $1.59 carpet deal applies to select materials and 6 lbs padding with basic installation only.  Like previous offer, no other services can be paired with this offer.  Residential carpet offer applies to select materials, 6 lbs padding only, and basic installation.  $4.99 offer applies to select materials that carry a  waterproof surface warranty and a 72 hour moisture resistant core with basic foam underlay.  Material only price points apply only to orders over 600 SF and do not include freight and or delivery.  Select materials only.  Material only purchases cannot be paired with installation services.  The Box Store and Retailer offer only applies to both material and labor retail contracts from competitor.  Must present contract immediately upon arrival of estimate.  Offer only applies to apples to apples products as determined by industry standards.  Products must be running line manufactured products and not close outs, seconds, returned merchandise, loss leader products of limited quantity available in same dye lot.
We Beat Luna & Empire by at Least 25% or it's FREE!
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We carry hundreds of styles of Laminate, carpet, tile and flooring!
Installation includes basic installation only. Extra labor charges apply for removal of existing material, Furniture and appliance moving, Transitions and trim work etc.The Empire and Luna and every other retailer offer applies only to apples to apples products as determined by industry standards. Must present competitor's quote at the time of estimate.

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Luxury Layouts Flooring, a shop at home company, comes to your home instead of having to travel to a high-priced showroom.  Whether you are searching for carpet, laminate, vinyl, tile, or wood flooring, Luxury Layouts Flooring will bring samples to your home, engineer your project with decades of flooring knowledge and experience and ensure a  successful completed project with a lifetime labor workmanship guarantee.  Flooring and carpet is our business!  When it’s time for new floors and carpet, pick up the phone, dial 219-286-6904, and book your shop at home appointment today.  In-home consultations are always free at Luxury Layouts Flooring.  When it’s time to shop for new floors or new carpets in Northwest Indiana, would you like to drive all over the place to Northwest Indiana flooring stores, where you can look at and imagine products in your home, or would you rather be able to see the actual products in your home so that you can visualize your flooring project? 


At Luxury Layouts Flooring, our flooring specialists have room visualization technology to show you what the laminate floor, vinyl floor, tile floor, vinyl tile floor, hardwood floor, engineered wood floor, carpeting, waterproof floor, life proof floor, scratch proof floor, or vinyl plank floor looks like in your home.  Luxury Layouts Flooring is a full service flooring and carpeting company and just like Empire carpet and Luna flooring, offers material sales along with installation services of the following types of floors; carpet installation, laminate flooring installation, tile installation, hardwood flooring installation, engineered hardwood flooring installation, vinyl flooring installation, vinyl click together flooring installation, linoleum installation, vinyl tile installation, heated floor installation, waterproof floor installation, commercial flooring installation, carpet tile installation, stain resistant carpet installation, and most other floorcovering installation, with exception to epoxy flooring and finish on-site hardwoods. 


Additional services that Luxury Layouts Flooring offers that our competitors like; Luna carpet, Empire flooring, Home Depot flooring and carpet, Menards flooring and carpet, Lowes flooring and carpet, Von Tobel flooring and carpet, Schillings flooring and carpet, The Floor Store flooring and carpet, Banter Floors flooring and carpet, Tudor Floors flooring and carpet, Carpet One flooring and carpet, Master Tile flooring and carpet, Value Flooring flooring and carpet, Custom Carpets flooring and carpet, Fashion Floors flooring and carpet, Village Carpets flooring and carpet may or may not offer.  Some of these services are as follows; install baseboards, quarter round, shoe molding, undercut millwork and door jambs, pull and reset toilets and pedestal sinks, remove and haul away to dispose of existing carpet, vinyl, laminate , linoleum, hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring, tile flooring,  waterproof flooring, move and re-hook up appliances such as refrigerators, stove/ovens, washers and dryers, move and re-position furniture, and perform floor preparation.


Luxury Layouts Flooring offers coupons for discounted projects that Home Depot, Menards, Lowes, Von Tobel, Empire, Luna, Value Flooring, Tile Shoppe, Banter Floors, Tudor floors, Village Carpets, Custom Carpets, Fashion Floors, Floor and Décor, may or may not offer as well.  The coupons are listed on our special deals page on our website.


Some of the services we offer are ceramic tile installation for a tiled shower in a tile bathroom.  We offer subway tile installation.  We supply and install backsplash tile.  We sell wall tile materials and offer wall tile installation.  We also carry a vast amount of mosaic tile available for purchase with installation.  We also offer heated floor underlayment to go under tile flooring installations.  As flooring technology changes, Luxury Layouts Flooring keeps up to date with the most photo-realistic porcelain tile selections out there to see. 


Luxury Layouts Flooring and carpet has the best carpet installers Northwest Indiana has to offer.  Our carpet installers carry a minimum of 28 years of experience in the carpet installation business.  We carry carpet brands comparable to Mohawk carpeting like Shaw carpets, Dreamweaver carpets, Engineered Floors carpets, Southwind carpets, and many other carpeting brands.  Along with our top-notch carpet installation teams, we provide and install quality cushioned padding underlayment like 6lb padding, 8lb padding, pet, spill guard padding, rubber padding, and many others.  Luxury Layouts Flooring installs carpeting on floors, walls, ceilings, and steps.  We offer commercial broadloom carpeting, carpet squares, carpet tiles, carpet planks, and sell carpet remnants, and can even take or order a piece of carpeting and have an edge bound to create a custom area rug.


Luxury Layouts Flooring also has tenured hard-surface flooring installers with a minimum of 20 years of flooring installation experience per foreman.  We carry hard surface flooring brands such as Shaw, Engineered Floors, Southwind Hard Surface, Casa Bella, Mannington, Mannington Commercial, Shaw Commercial, Patcraft, Somerset, Gilford Johnson, LW Mountain.  Laminate products comparable to Pergo, Dal Tile, Florida Tile, Interceramic, Happy Floors, Happy Feet, Glazzio Tile, MS International Tile and Stone, Novus, Novalis, Earthwerks, Next floor, Timeless Designs, Revotec, Canoe Bay, Harris One, Virginia Tile, Ragno, Belle Cera, Indus parquet, Paramount, Beau flor, and many others.    Regarding our hard surface flooring we offer many different types of hard surface flooring products and hard surface flooring installation.

Luxury Layouts Flooring offers solid hardwood pre-finished and not sand on-site tongue and groove flooring materials and installation.  Solid pre-finished hardwood flooring can be installed on floors and staircases.  We provide matching transition pieces for a finished look.  Different species of solid pre-finished hardwood flooring that we offer are; pine, birch, red oak, white oak, acacia, bamboo, maple, hickory, and many other indigenous American, European, and Asian hardwood flooring products, along with most exotic hardwood flooring, like Brazilian cherry, jatoba, eucalyptus, walnut, and many other South American, African, and other exotic hardwood flooring species.  We also carry identical species in engineered hardwood flooring products as well.  Engineered hardwood flooring is the type of hardwood flooring that has the species of wood desired veneered on the surface over the core of the product.  The types of engineered wood flooring that we carry are of professional grade and are the latest in technological advances in floorcovering.  Our hardwood floor manufacturers suggest that we use engineered hardwood flooring products over solid pre-finished hardwood flooring in our specific location in the mid-west.  This is because engineered wood flooring is a more stable product and expands and contracts less that pre-finished solid hardwood flooring.  The main difference between pre-finished solid hardwood flooring and engineered wood flooring versus a sand on-site floor is the more advanced and more durable surface wear layer on the product.  Sand on-site wood flooring is a lot more susceptible to scratching and marring that a pre-finished or engineered hardwood floor.

Vinyl flooring has become the craze of the flooring industry in the past two years and has been so popular that other types of flooring products have taken a down-turn in overall sales.  Vinyl flooring encompasses many types of flooring.  Vinyl flooring refers to some sheet roll flooring like linoleum.  Vinyl flooring also refers to LVT, luxury vinyl tile, LVP, luxury vinyl plank, and many of the popular click together vinyl flooring products like WPC, SPC, and Rigid Core vinyl flooring.  The vinyl flooring is mainly just the skin of the product and not the core.  The top layer of the product is of vinyl composition and this top layer of vinyl is the photo realistic image printed on the vinyl and the wear layer.  Knowing this, vinyl flooring then is very similar from product to product because it only refers to the top layer of the product and its characteristics of being the top layer of the product.  It is a common misconception that sheet goods or glued down flooring products are of a lessor grade than click together products.  This is not true!  When buying vinyl flooring it is best to let one of our flooring specialists help you in finding the right product for the right application of your project.  For example, the common misconception being click flooring is superior to a LVP, glue down luxury vinyl plank, is completely incorrect.  Let’s say flooring was needed over a concrete substrate in a basement.  Most consumers would be more apt to purchase a click together vinyl floor than a glued down product.  Both types of products have only a vinyl skin atop the product.  So, wouldn’t you as a consumer want to pay less for the same benefits of the vinyl flooring?  The glue down product in most scenarios can be purchased and installed for a lot less than the similar in wear layer click product with absolutely no compromising on the actual benefits of the product.   This is because the click or lock together vinyl flooring is designed for a different application than the glue down products.  The click together vinyl flooring products are composed of the same vinyl skin atop the core of the product.  The core of the click together vinyl floors are made of different types of materials.  Waterproof vinyl click together flooring like a WPC has a core that is made from wood particles and polymer.  Because of how this particular product is manufactured the product is usually thicker and less dense than the other types of waterproof click together vinyl flooring.  SPC waterproof click together vinyl flooring is made of stone particles and polymer and carry a higher core density than a WPC because the core is pressed as apposed to whipped.  Some waterproof click together vinyl flooring products can have a density of over 4500 pounds per square inch.  Next, not all waterproof click together vinyl flooring has an attached underlayment.  Most waterproof click together vinyl flooring products do have an attached underlayment, but not every-one is the same.  Some of the underlayments are 2 in 1 foam, 3 in 1 foam, and are open cell foam products.  The open cell foam underlays are inferior to the closed cell foam underlays for waterproof vinyl click together flooring because by nature they are anti-fungal and anti-microbial.  They are impermeable and do not allow any type of substance to pass thru the product.  They are typically thicker, more durable, and will not break down in any due time because of their density and composition.  Another feature of a waterproof vinyl click together floor is the locking mechanism.  Not all locking mechanisms are created equal!  There are a few known locking systems that have been patented, perform very well in comparison, and have been proven in time to stand up as designed.  Our market has been flood with products that do not have these advanced locking systems and that is why you may or may not find very inexpensive inferior products at a local box store like home depot, menards, lowes, Floor and Décor on close out specials, end cap deals, and limited quantity items for way below market value pricing.  This could mainly be because you may never be able to get more of said materials and the manufacturers warranties could be non-existent or a limited warrantied product.  The clicking waterproof vinyl floors are different and more costly because they are intended to be installed in above grade applications.  This is because the core of the product acts as the underlayment like a multi-ply plywood underlayment and has a greater cost to manufacture than a pvc backed glue down product.  Next, the lock mechanism on the waterproof vinyl plank or tile flooring acts as the adhesive or fasteners, and if the correct lock mechanism is manufactured onto the product is more costly than a locking system that isn’t proven to be effective. Last, the foam underlay is just a necessary component to the waterproof click locking floors that is not needed with a glue down application.  In conclusion, using the glue down waterproof vinyl flooring in the right capacity is most cost effective and more serviceable. 

Luxury Layouts Flooring offers the latest laminate flooring that is now so realistic looking that most people would not be able to tell the difference between the new laminate flooring and solid or pre-finished engineered wood flooring.  Laminate flooring not only is beautiful but will hold up to most of what a consumer can throw at it.  Laminate flooring has a scratch resistance close to a porcelain tile, is now quieter than before to walk on, and have a lot of newer options for moisture resistance and waterproof qualities than ever before.  If as a consumer intend on using your floor to hold up to animals and kids, then the new laminate floors are exactly what you may need!  Just because in the past companies like Lumber Liquidators, Home Depot, Menards, and Lowes may or may not have flooded the market with cheap products that may not have lasted as intended and may have not had any moisture protection, then don’t let that stop you now from having gorgeous laminate flooring that can now hold up to life’s challenges.  At Luxury Layouts Flooring we carry Life-proof, Dog proof, and Waterproof Laminate flooring.  Let us help you get a floor that you don’t have to worry about!

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